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    PE Axle Counter Cable

    PE Sheathed Cable Types

    (Compliant with NR/L2/SIG/30060 – Network Rail certificate of acceptance PA05/06474)


    Signalling in railway networks. Axle counter system for traffic management.


    Railway Signalling cables

    1. Conductor – Tinned copper wire
    2. Insulation – Solid polyethylene
    3. Twisting – Construction in pairs. Two pairs cable construction in quads
    4. Stranding – Concentric layers
    5. Filling Compound – Petroleum jelly compound
    6. Core Wrapping – Plastic tape(s) with overlapping
    7. Antirodent Protection – Glassfibre tape
    8. Moisture Barrier – Aluminiumpolymer laminate tape (incl Drain/continuity wire)
    9. Sheath – PE (Polyethylene)

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