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    Armoured Copper Trackside PE Cable

    External Trackside Telecoms Cable Armoured

    (Complies with Specifications NR/PS/TEL/00015 and TS0886/T1822) Network Rail certificate of acceptance – PA05/06233

    PACW / Solid polyethylene insulation / Moisture barrier / PJ filled / Polyethylene sheathed External Telephone Cable



    The cable is designed primarily for track-side railway installation. It is a petroleum jelly filled, twisted pair cable suitable for duct installation with a bonded moisture barrier sheath, and for buried or open channel installation, with an additional protection of a bonded corrugated steel tape and sheath. The additional protection provides protection against rodent attack. The product satisfies the requirements of Network Rail Specification NR/PS/TEL/00015 (formerly GK/RT 0315) and Specifications TS0886 and BR1822.


    Twisted pairs in 10 Pair Units. The pair range is 2 – 100.

    Cable Description
    • Plain annealed solid copper wire
    • Solid polyethylene insulation
    • Twisted pairs
    • Petroleum jelly filling
    • Water swellable tape
    • Paper core wrap
    • Black polyethylene sheath incorporating a longitudinally applied aluminium/polyethylene moisture barrier, and corrugated steel tape armour bonded to a black polyethylene sheath

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