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    Arctic Grade PVC Cable Range 318-A

    Insulated & Sheathed Flexible Cables

    (Complies with BS 6004)

    Plain Annealed Class 5 Flexible Copper / Arctic Grade PVC Insulation
    / Arctic Grade PVC Sheath


    Arctic Grade PVC cables are designed for use in extreme cold temperature conditions. The cable remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40°C and is well suited to outdoor applications which require installation in subzero temperatures.

    Cable Description

    Plain annealed Class 5 flexible copper conductor to BS EN 60228 Arctic Grade PVC insulation, Arctic Grade PVC outer sheath.

    Insulation Colours

    2 Core – Blue, Brown,
    3 Core – Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown
    4 Core – Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey
    5 Core – Green/Yellow, Brown, Black, Grey, Blue

    Sheath Colours

    Blue / Yellow

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