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Building Management Systems

BCC BMS Tec® (Building Management Systems) Cable

British Cables Company (BCC) has a full range of building and infrastructure management cables (Belden Equivalents) available to meet the demands of modern commercial buildings. BMS cables are used to automate all of the systems in place within a commercial building or home.

Typically, this type of product covers a varied array of applications such as sound and video communications, data transfer, industrial automation and process controls.

As you’ll see from the illustration shown here, our cable solutions provide the critical link for just about every aspect of a building’s key function. Under the banner of BCC Security-Tec®, we provide a range of coaxial cables to suit the requirements of any CCTV or HDTV application.

Moving on to a typical office environment, our BCC BMS-Tec® solutions include access control points that can be integrated within complex building management systems, for functions like air conditioning, lighting control and energy management.

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