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    0.5mm Cu External Filled, Screened, SWA Armoured Telephone Cable

    Domestic Side Local Network Telecom Cable – CW1128/1198 (with screen and armour) / 0.50Cu

    (Complies with BT Specifications CW1128/CW1179/CW1198)

    PACW/Cell PE Insulation/PJ Filled/Moisture Barrier/PE Sheathed/Steel Wire Armour/PE Oversheath



    The cable is designed primarily for direct burial in the ‘D’ or Secondary side of local telecommunications networks. The cable core comprises units of cellular polyethylene insulated twin conductors flooded with petroleum jelly and wrapped with a paper tape. The cable core is then covered with a black polyethylene inner sheath. A layer of galvanised steel armour wires is then applied over the inner sheathed cable, and an outer sheath of PE is applied over the armour wires. Compliant with BT Specification CW1198). The product is also available with a PVC outer sheath in lieu of polyethylene and with filling compound suitable for tropical climates with a drop point greater than 80ºC.


    Twisted pairs in 10 Pair Units. The pair range is 2 – 100.

    Product description

    Plain annealed solid copper wire, cellular polyethylene insulation, twisted pairs, petroleum jelly filling, paper core wrap, black low density polyethylene sheath.

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